Problems affecting home and family are some of the most difficult to face.  The last thing a person in such a situation needs is to be faced with the complexity of Virginia’s laws addressing family issues and the complexity of Virginia’s laws addressing how trials and hearings are conducted, and the specific rules that control what evidence can be used and the exact methods such evidence must be presented to the court.

Thankfully, some lawyers are able to explain these complex rules and procedures in a way that a client can understand.  Other lawyers, however, speak in jargon, don’t take the time to explain the law, or simply tell the client that the lawyer will take care of everything.

While it might be comforting to be told that your lawyer will take care of everything, without having knowledge about the law yourself, you’ll have no idea whether the lawyer is in fact taking care of everything.  If the lawyer did not take care of everything, and a judge makes a ruling that you disagree with, it is extremely hard to get that ruling changed.

We at Davidson & Kitzmann understand how confusing the law can be to non-lawyers, and that in the midst of a family crises, that confusion is magnified.  We have created this blog to share our thoughts and insights on the law, on recent changes to the law, and important cases that have recently been decided.  We also offer helpful hints about how to handle lawyers, how to act in court, and other issues that arise in the typical family law case.

We hope the information in this blog will be helpful to you, and will make your journey through a difficult period just a little easier.

If you would like specific information about our law firm or the areas of law we practice please click on Charlottesville Family Law.


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